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  • A0930: Armchair White, white
  • A0931: Two Person Sofa White, white
  • A0932: Three Person Sofa White, white
  • A0933: Ottoman White, white
  • A2732: Ottoman Minimo white


  • A2085: Armchair Rio brown
  • A2086: Two Person Sofa Rio brown
  • A2087: Three Person Sofa Rio brown
  • A2088: Ottoman Rio brown
  • A2740: Ottoman Minomo Rio


  • A2290: Armchair Black, black
  • A2291: Two Person Sofa Black, black
  • A2292: Three Person Sofa Black, black
  • A2293: Ottoman Black, black
  • A2735: Ottoman Minimo black


  • A2709: Daybed Andrew 150 white
  • A2710: Daybed Andrew 84 white
  • A2711: Pad Andrew 150 white
  • A2712: Pad Andrew 84 white
  • A2889: Sofa Andrew Lowback 150 white
  • A2890: Sofa Andrew Lowback 84 white
  • A2891: Sofa Andrew Highback 150 white
  • A2892: Sofa Andrew Highback 84 white


  • A3447: Fauteuil Franzy dark gray
  • A3448: Sofa Franzy dark gray
  • A3449: Ottoman Franzy dark gray

Pia Lounge & Coffeetables

  • A4270: Pouf Pia 75 beige
  • A4273: Pouf Pia 150 beige
  • A4271: Armchair Pia without armrests, beige
  • A4272: Armchair Pia beige
  • A4274: Sofa Pia without armrests, beige
  • A4275: Sofa Pia beige
  • A4276: Pouf Pia 75 anthracite gray
  • A4277: Armchair Pia, without armrests, anthracite grey
  • A4278: Fauteuil Pia anthracite grey
  • A4279: Pouf Pia 150 anthracite gray
  • A4280: Sofa Pia, without armrests, anthracite gray
  • A4281: Sofa Pia anthracite gray
  • A4282: Rest Pia stainless steel 75
  • A4283: Rest Pia stainless steel 150
  • A4284: Back cushion, small Pia beige
  • A4285: Back cushion, small Pia anthracite gray

Lounge Accessories

  • A3459: Cushion Franzy 40x40 green
  • A3460: Cushion Franzy 50x50 green
  • A3461: Cushion Franzy 40x40 gray
  • A3462: Cushion Franzy 50x50 gray
  • A3463: Cushion Franzy 40x40 red
  • A3464: Cushion Franzy 50x50 red
  • A3465: Cushion Franzy 40x40 beige
  • A3466: Cushion Franzy 50x50 beige
  • A3467: Cushion Franzy 40x40 blue
  • A3468: Cushion Franzy 50x50 blue